Meet Renee Hoagenson


A woman to inspire change in Missouri’s 4th District.

“I want to be a voice for all of the people of the district.”

Renee Hoagenson is a small business woman, a mother of three, a strong, independent person, and your next Congresswoman.


Renee is a native Missourian. As a child, her family moved to Warrensburg where her father attended what is now the University of Central Missouri after serving in the army during Vietnam. The Kennedyʼs then moved to Greenwood, a small town near Leeʼs Summit. In the late seventies, the family returned to the St. Louis area where Renee graduated from Francis Howell High School in Weldon Springs.

At 18, Renee moved to Columbia to attend the University of Missouri where she graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in English. She continues to make her home in Columbia.

Reneeʼs professional expertise is in small business marketing and development. After a career including work in radio, television, and newspaper, Renee created Columbia Marketplace Magazine and Jefferson City Marketplace Magazine in 2003 and 2004 respectively.

She created additional niche marketing products to contribute to the growth and success of small business owners. Currently, she is working on a magazine she created in Sedalia, Showcase Sedalia, which she started in 2011. Renee understands that business is ultimately people, people working hard to build something of value for others, create jobs and be successful.



Renee believes in the value of service to others as a principle of a happy life. She seeks to understand the plight of others and to create community. She is proud to be a Rotarian, an organization focused on service. Renee joined Columbia Metro Rotary in 2003 and served on their board for four years. Currently she is a member of the Sedalia Rotary Club where she serves as a board member. She served on the board of the Phoenix Programs for many years. She has been active in fundraising events for Great Circle, a behavior health organization for children.

Renee is a member of Sacred Heart Catholic Church in Columbia where she serves as a wedding coordinator and as a communion minister.

Renee, a single mother, has three children born in Columbia. Alicia, currently in the Biomedical Engineering program at the University of Missouri-Columbia, Eric and Jenna, both at Rock Bridge High School in Columbia.

Issues & Values


Family Values

Renee believes the family unit to be the moral foundation of our Nation. For generations, we have instilled in our children the American values of independence, compassion, and strength of character that have made our nation great. However, due to stagnating wages and good paying manufacturing jobs going overseas, many Missourians have had to work longer hours and in many cases more than one job just to make ends meet. This has led to less time spent together as a family teaching our children the American values upon which our country has been built.

Renee believes to reverse the decline of family values we must first create more good paying jobs and increase wages for the thousands of Missourians whose wage increases have been outpaced by inflation. When our parents can afford to spend more time with their children they will have the time to help rebuild the moral foundation of our country.


The American Dream

As a small business owner who has built her career helping small businesses grow, Renee understands first hand the problems Missouri’s small businesses and small business owners face every day. Renee knows that most of these business owners want to be a caring, supportive member of their community, not exploit it. With over two decades experience as a small business consultant, Renee brings the business acumen needed to make sure government works efficiently to best serve its customers, you, the American family.


Campaign Finance Reform

An elected official beholden to big donors cannot honestly represent their constituents. When special interest donors pay for elections, politicians are beholden to special interest donors. When average American’s pay for elections, politicians will work for the average citizen. Our democracy is at stake when a few wealthy corporations can control the legislative agendas of the politicians they have paid to put into power. In Congress, Renee would make Campaign Finance Reform a top priority. By getting private money out of politics, we can give the government back to the people.


Better Local Representation

In addition to campaign finance reform, we must restructure how our districts are drawn. We must take redistricting out of the hands of politicians. Partisan redistricting allows politicians to pick the people they represent rather than the people choosing their representatives. This is a flawed system. It has led to 95% of congressional incumbents being re-elected despite Congress having only a 25% approval rating. In Congress, Renee would push for a federal law mandating all redistricting in states be done by an independent, non-partisan redistricting commission or through mathematical algorithms.


Education for All

One of the most important investments we can make for our country’s future is in the education of our citizens. Education is an important key to a better future for each individual and our society as a whole.

Education K-12

Renee Hoagenson believes in quality public education for all children. Renee would vote against taking money from our public schools for private institutions. Our public schools are underfunded at the present time. Our teachers are underpaid. We need to increase allocations to our school systems to ensure our children have the quality education they each deserve. We will hand our country over to these children one day. They will be our civic and our business leaders.
In addition to this investment into our children’s futures, it’s important to our rural communities that funds remain in their public school systems. Moving funds to private schools in urban areas only hurt rural school districts. These school districts are major employers in many of our rural areas. Depleting the budgets of public schools would cause job loss to teachers and staff and over-burden remaining resources. Moving money from public to private institutions removes an important economic driver in our small towns.
Charter schools in urban areas take money from rural Missourians and leave them with nothing in return. It is unfair to all rural citizens to send their education funding to private schools in urban areas.
Higher Education 

We are living in a challenging world. Industries are changing quickly through advances in technology and shifting markets. Our workforce must continue to adapt through education and job training. We must look to the future, not only to predict industry changes but to seize new and emerging opportunities.  Education is not only the key to achieving the dreams of our children, but it gives hope to those in changing and displaced job markets for a new start and career advancement.

We have an untapped resource in our country of underprivileged, intelligent people going without proper higher education. Many of these people are weighed down in low-paying jobs, often more than one, struggling just to put food on the table for their children and families. In Congress, Renee would push for low or no cost education and job training for all Americans. She would fight to get the funding needed for our public universities and community colleges to hold more classes outside the typical workday. It is imperative to invest in our future, and that begins with a good education.