Muleskinners – Fridays at noon
Columbia Country Club

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2210 North Country Club Dr., Columbia, MO.
Take Old Hwy 63 North to Country Club Dr, (opposite Hinkson Ave) map.

There is no fee to attend Muleskinners meetings. An optional buffet lunch is available for $15. The public is welcome and encouraged to stop by. If you have questions, please email Scott Cristal or call Scott at (573) 999-3871. If you have suggestions for future presentations please email Chimene Schwach,

Muleskinners is supported, in part, by a small difference between what we pay for the meals and what we charge. However, the main source of funds to Muleskinners is our membership. Please, consider joining Muleskinners to support the important part we play in maintaining the Democratic social network in Boone County and in continuing to keep Democrats informed and engaged in political dialogue:

Membership forms also can be found at the Treasurer’s table when you attend a meeting as well as each month in our newsletter, The Boone County Democrat.


Boone County Muleskinners Officers – 2018

– Mahree Skala, 573-474-2195;
– Leslie Clay, 573-445-2588

1st VP Programming:
– Chimene Schwach 573-355-4078,

2nd VP Programming:
– Wiley Miller, 573-445-5147,

VP Membership:
– Jade Govero, 219-455-8009,

VP Publicity:
– Scott Cristal, 573-999-3871,

– Jeanne Sebaugh, 573-446-1540,
– Pam Springsteel, 573-445-0642,

– Mary Jo Herde and Al Tacker