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White Mortality Report for Missouri Shows Stark Reversal in Long-Term Trends

A new report titled “Why Are Death Rates Rising Among Whites in Missouri?” has put the spotlight on a disturbing trend in life expectancies in the state. Since the year 2000, 79 of 114 Missouri counties have seen a rise in white mortality rates for those aged 25-59. The publication – released by Missouri Foundation…

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Missouri 50th House District candidate Sara Walsh Mass-Blocks Followers on Twitter

Is Missouri 2017 Special Election Candidate Sara Walsh afraid of voters? Recently, Sara Walsh, the Republican candidate for the Missouri’s 50th House District, began pre-emptively blocking all new followers to her Twitter account (@saraformissouri). The majority of these new followers were curious to hear why sought to represent them in the State Legislature. “Not only…

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Missouri children remain underserved in summer lunch programs

Fewer than one in 10 Missouri children who qualify for free or discounted school lunches participated in summer nutrition programs like Lunch in the Park in July 2016, according to the Food Research and Action Center’s 2017 Summer Nutrition Status Report. If one in five kids in Missouri is “food uncertain,” according to the Missouri…

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Boone County Democrats expand Central Committee Membership to Precincts

The Central Committee began its first round of elections for new Committeepeople in precincts We’re happy to say that the open house BBQ and the elections following were a great success. New members of the Committee joined or expressed interest from precincts across the county. From Sturgeon to southern Columbia the Central Committee experienced the…

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Mizzou College Democrats Award 2017 Peg Miller Scholarship to Xavier Lukasek

The Peg Miller Mizzou College Democrats Scholarship Committee With Pleasure Announces Xavier Lukasek, 2017 award recipient. Xavier has been active in Democratic politics since he helped form a Democratic Club at his high school in Imperial, Missouri. He also served as the Development Director for the High School Democrats of Missouri. Since becoming active with the Mizzou Dems last year, he interned daily with the Jason Kander for Senate campaign performing many different campaign tasks. As part of the Mizzou Dems executive board, Xavier has been active planning events and rallies, and helped to bring the largest contingent of Mizzou Dems ever to this year’s Democrat Days in Hannibal. Xavier is a Democrat because he believes in equality and justice for all. He says the Democratic Party is the only party looking out for college students, the LGBT community, working folks, and unions. He also believes in a legal path to citizenship, and wants to see more progress on climate change issues.

All six Boone County Public School Superintendents voice united opposition to state funds for charter schools

They copied state senators and representatives with a signed joint Letter to the Editor sent to all our local papers…Astonishingly, no newspapers in Columbia or Jeff City printed it!

“….Every public school in Boone County has endured reduced State funding of public education programs, including transportation and Parent as Teacher’s (PAT) programs…..snip……..(W)e are opposed to any bill that funnels money away from public school systems in Missouri. As mentioned, our State has cut funds from this current state budget and next year’s cuts have been estimated at more than $500 million. Public schools will surely see additional reductions in funding. In the midst of these impending cuts, two reform bills are being debated right now under the banner of “School Choice”. If passed, these misguided special interest “reform” bills will take money directly out of our high performing Boone County school districts, as well as every public school district in the state, and subsequently place it into charter or private schools somewhere else in the state. One of these bills is HB 634 which will expand charter schools. The other bill is SB32 that will allow tax credits for educational savings accounts which, among other things, will allow public money to pay for religious and for-profit private schools.”

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