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The Racial Demagoguery of Trump’s Assaults on Colin Kaepernick and Steph Curry

Every day, and in countless and unexpected ways, Donald Trump, the President of the United States, finds new ways to divide and demoralize his country and undermine the national interest. On Tuesday, he ranted from the lectern of the U.N. General Assembly about “Rocket Man” and the possibility of levelling North Korea. Now he has…

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Democrat Days In Hannibal was an inspirational event!

46th Annual Missouri Democrat Days March 3rd & 4th The 46th annual Missouri Democrat Days took place at the Hannibal Inn in Hannibal Missouri on Friday March 3rd and Saturday, March 4th. The featured speaker at the Saturday evening banquet was Missouri Democratic Party Chair, Stephen Webber. Webber has a degree in economics from St….

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Chili Supper – THANKS!!!

Well over 200 proud (and hungry!) Democrats came to our annual Chili Supper Monday night! Thanks to all the volunteers who made it happen! The food was great, the drinks were flowin’ and the speakers were all terrific, too! Thanks to:    Nicole Galloway, Stephen Webber, Michela Skelton plus Gracia Backer and all our other…

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We have a new office!

A group advocating the rights of veterans from Iraq and Afghanistan are on the Hill this week to press lawmakers on issues ranging from…