Meet Brianna Lennon


It’s imperative that we have a county clerk who is accountable, puts voters first, and is ready to navigate the challenges of running elections.

All eligible voters have the right to make their voice heard in our community.


Brianna Lennon, a former Missouri Assistant Attorney General, Deputy Director of Elections, and the first coordinator of the Election Integrity Unit in the Missouri Secretary of State’s office is running for Boone County Clerk as a Democrat.

Brianna is a proud Mizzou alum with degrees from both the University of Missouri School of Law and Truman School of Public Affairs. After graduation, she joined the Consumer Protection Division in the Missouri Attorney General’s office, where she prosecuted companies that defrauded Missourians.

In 2013, Brianna was selected as the first coordinator of the Missouri Secretary of State’s Elections Integrity Unit and deputy director of Missouri’s elections division. She worked closely with local election authorities across the state to ensure that elections were as simple, secure, and accessible to voters as possible.

Brianna and her husband Scott live in Columbia with their
three-year-old son Ryan.


Priority: Simplicity

Exercising your right to vote is the single most powerful way to make your voice heard. I believe it should be as easy as possible for eligible voters to cast a ballot. Registering to vote, finding your polling place, and even figuring out which candidates and offices appear on your ballot should be as fast and simple as possible. As county clerk, I will be proactive in getting timely and easy-to-understand information out to voters and bringing the most innovative elections tools to Boone County.


Priority: Accessibility

Every eligible voter deserves to exercise their right to vote. That means selecting polling places that work for voters, ensuring the clerk’s office is responsive to all Boone Countians, and helping our military and overseas voters participate in elections. As county clerk, I will be committed to making the office and our elections available to every eligible voter.


Priority: Security

Protecting the integrity of our elections is critical to building back trust in our government. Boone County’s voting equipment is aging and needs to be replaced. We need accurate and secure machines just as
much as we need honest and impartial election workers. As county clerk, I will use my experience evaluating and testing voting equipment in the Secretary of State’s Office to work with stakeholders to upgrade our voting systems. I will also work to implement the most up-to-date elections security practices, including risk-limiting audits of paper ballots.


Priority: Transparency

The county clerk is responsible for the administration and management of county records, payroll, and employee benefits. Effective government management demands transparency and openness. As county clerk, I will ensure the office is accountable to every Boone County resident.