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Thank you, Wendy!

Take Wendy Noren, for example, who is the Boone County Clerk in Columbia, Missouri. Wendy has worked on local elections administration in the clerk’s office since 1978 and remembers the 1980 presidential election well. “We got slammed,” she recalls. “There were thousands of people waiting in line to register to vote. We never recovered from…

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Democrats Name Jason Kander To Chair New Commission to Protect American Democracy From Trump

Missouri’s Kander named to head effort to defend the rights of eligible voters from the Trump administration’s attacks on democracy.

To counteract the Trump administration’s “election integrity” commission, the Democratic National Committee is launching a new Commission on Protecting American Democracy from the Trump Administration. While the Trump commission plans to focus on so-called “fraudulent voting,” the DNC says its commission will debunk the myth that voter fraud is widespread, document the impact of voter suppression efforts in the 2016 election, and propose solutions to expand voting rights.

Mizzou College Democrats Award 2017 Peg Miller Scholarship to Xavier Lukasek

The Peg Miller Mizzou College Democrats Scholarship Committee With Pleasure Announces Xavier Lukasek, 2017 award recipient. Xavier has been active in Democratic politics since he helped form a Democratic Club at his high school in Imperial, Missouri. He also served as the Development Director for the High School Democrats of Missouri. Since becoming active with the Mizzou Dems last year, he interned daily with the Jason Kander for Senate campaign performing many different campaign tasks. As part of the Mizzou Dems executive board, Xavier has been active planning events and rallies, and helped to bring the largest contingent of Mizzou Dems ever to this year’s Democrat Days in Hannibal. Xavier is a Democrat because he believes in equality and justice for all. He says the Democratic Party is the only party looking out for college students, the LGBT community, working folks, and unions. He also believes in a legal path to citizenship, and wants to see more progress on climate change issues.

House Republicans vote to restrict EPA’s use of science… “Honest”!!

The “HONEST” Act, passed by the House this week, would restrict the nature of the research that can inform new regulations at the Environmental Protection Agency.

.Meanwhile, EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt overrules the agency’s previous recommendation on chlorpyrifos. This week (March 29), the US House of Representatives passed the Honest and Open New EPA Science Treatment Act, or HONEST Act, with a vote of 228-194. The Act would restrict the science considered by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) when developing new regulations, to only research that is publicly available…. “The so-called ‘HONEST Act’ is a Trojan-horse transparency bill that, among other things, would make it harder for the EPA to use public health studies to finalize science-based public health protections,” Andrew Rosenberg of the Union of Concerned Scientists, an advocacy organization, agreed in a statement. “That makes no sense.”