Meet Angelica Earl


Candidate for US Senate

About Angelica Earl


Angelica has been taking steps to run for political offices and is ready to go. Her views are very progressive, she wants to introduce legislation to ensure female and LGBTQ equity in the workplace and in life, to regulate the rental industry, end marijuana prohibition, regulate the pharmaceutical industry, help create universal healthcare, and fight to protect all of our rights under the constitution. But most importantly believes we must put a stop to man-made climate change.

Currently, Angelica works for the Affordable Care Act at the Health Insurance Marketplace with a DHS clearance. She has verified thousands of people to receive insurance. More importantly, she has called and spoken to hundreds of people, hearing their stories about how desperately they needed the insurance. She knows the inner workings of Obamacare and wants to take that knowledge as a state representative in the form of moving towards universal healthcare.