Meet Adrian Plank


A working man for working folks. Candidate for Missouri House District 47

Adrian Plank is a working man that stands for working families in Missouri.


I’m Adrian Plank and I’m mad. I keep asking myself why fewer than 500 people own almost 90% of our nation’s wealth. And then I ask why they pay so little in taxes—and I get madder. The wealthy are picking our pockets. The rich get richer and everyone else gets trampled under their feet. This is why I am running for House of Representatives, 47th district. I will not compromise your wishes for lobbyist cash. A vote for me is a vote for all of us.



I grew up in a family that struggled financially. My father worked 3 part-time jobs and there was never enough money. He drove the old car to his jobs and Mom was stuck in the house with my 3 brothers and me. Food stamps helped some and I remember those 5-pound blocks of government cheese. Eventually, Dad landed a union job at the Thomas Hill Power Plant. What a Godsend! Union wages with benefits! Talk about a boost for a working family—this was it.

For 10 years, I owned a small business; my workers and I traveled the country installing granite in motels. I had 3 crews with 3 to 4 workers per crew. Instead of grabbing more profit, I paid my employees a good wage and provided health insurance, workman’s comp, and a safe working environment.



I have been married for 23 years to my wife, Dawn, and we have one daughter. Dawn supported me while I redefined my life. I worked my heart out, selling cars, doing construction jobs for friends, but I couldn’t catch up financially. I looked for real work but there were no jobs in 2010. I felt broken.

A miracle came to me just as it had for my father: In 2016 I had the opportunity to join a union. I had seen the benefits of a union job in my father’s life. With today’s worker-abusing attitudes, collective bargaining is more important than ever.



I am working with my union brothers and sisters to overturn Missouri’s so-called Right to Work law. Let’s call this corporate law what it is: The right to work for smaller wages, for decreased benefits, for less voice in the workplace. You may have seen me collecting signatures to put it on the ballot so the people will have a say in what is right for Missouri workers. When the Missouri Legislature pushed it through, they had no input from voters or from workers, but they had plenty of input from special interests and corporate money.

I’ve always thought the political system is rigged. I voted, but I wasn’t involved. And then came 2016. Every speech Bernie Sanders gave inspired me: I got involved. And now I am running for office.

I am a deeply concerned citizen. I want to see a better Missouri for my daughter. I want to see a better Missouri for all children and for all of us. I want to carry your voice to the Missouri House of Representatives.

I am a concerned citizen; I’m not a career politician, so I won’t say to you what the real politicians promise. Have you noticed how they all say it won’t be “politics as usual” if they’re elected? And then, have you noticed how it plays out? Is anyone else mad besides me?

A vote for Adrian Plank is a vote for all of us.