About Our Party

The Boone County Democratic Party works to elect Democratic candidates to county, state, and federal offices and to act as a permanent, year-round face for Democratic activism and ideals. The BCDP works hard to turn out Democratic voters in Boone County, increase the overall Democratic voter turnout for the state of Missouri and maintain a Democratic stronghold in Boone County.

Genuine Patriotism


Rights and Justice


The Boone County Democratic Party stands in defense of the rights and benefits of citizenship secured by the Constitution. It seeks the equitable realization of those rights and benefits for all Boone Countians regardless of race, religion, gender, sexual orientation or socio-economic status. We work to advance the cause of a more perfect Union in this way.

The Party of the People


 The Boone County Democratic Party is responsive and attentive to the concerns and needs of the people of Boone County. Our Central Committee has as representation one man and one woman from each ward, township and precinct in the county. We are always looking for ways to empower those traditionally disadvantaged and we work to break barriers that have long made politics less about the people and more about those in power.

The Place for Grassroots Action

Activism Realized!

Our party strives to work from the grassroots up! We are proud to offer many opportunities for people across the county to engage the political process through grassroots volunteering and activism. It is our belief that when the people act, our politics reflects their needs, and so we are always looking for ways to make politics more engaging and accessible to Boone Countians!


Grassroots Change in Action!

Be a part of this movement and participate in building a better future for our communities! Volunteer with the Boone County Democrats and stand up for the values that truly make our country great. Let’s make a difference together!