The health-care fight is back — as part of the GOP’s tax overhaul.

Republicans took a swing at Medicaid spending in their Obamacare rollback bills this year — and missed badly. Yet they’re taking another whack as part of a tax code rewrite.

Yes, you read that right. Health care is such a huge chunk of the federal budget that it’s part of virtually any spending conversation on Capitol Hill. That’s likely to hold true as Republicans launch their next big, partisan legislative goal: overhauling the U.S. tax code.

This morning, the Senate Budget Committee will consider a resolution that instructs lawmakers to find ways to reduce Medicaid spending by $1 trillion (and Medicare spending by $473 billion) over the next decade, according to supporting documentation that Democrats are publicizing. The idea is to clear the way for tax cuts by trimming from the two entitlement programs, which together consume a quarter of the federal budget.

 (Excerpted from Washington Post 105/17